1. What exactly is the Garden Grant?

The Garden Grant exists to encourage expressions of joy. What cool things can someone build with a little bit of help and fewer barriers to access? We support independent, multidisciplinary creators by funding short-term projects that represent escapism, medium not restricted. At this time, we are prioritizing diverse applicants, so creatives who are from LGBTQIA and communities of color are encouraged to apply. Bonus points if you live in the Southeast.

2. Who is behind this?

Maacah Davis. You know her as the publisher of belladonna magazine, the first Black woman-owned print fashion magazine in US markets in years; and the host of MaacahEats, a pre-covid dinner party series that brought people together and challenged chefs to play.

3. Who chooses the winners?

An anonymous five-member review board who are a cross-section of creative disciplines.

4. What's the catch?

If successfully funded, we want to see what you've made. that's all. The Garden Grant claims no ownership over your project, and you do NOT have to pay this back--it's neither a loan nor an investment.

5. What kind of projects are you looking to support?

Expressions of joy. compelling distractions from the current global chaos. whether that's through writing, art, videos, food sculpting, or whatever else--you are free to define that as creatively as you wish.

Unfortunately, we cannot currently fund projects that need more support than the micro-grant's listed capacity. If your project needs significantly more than the amount of funding than we are offering, this is not the grant for you.

6. Can I use this micro-grant to expand on one of my existing projects?

Yes, simply tell us how the Garden Grant will help you grow your idea.

7. I just want to pay my bills. Can I apply?

As much as we would love to be able to write the kinds of blank checks that make life easier for everyone, this program is not [currently] sponsored by Oprah. so, we ask that you please only apply for a Garden Grant if it will help you create or expand a tangible project.

7. How can I support The Garden Grant?

You're welcome to donate if you can but, more importantly, please encourage imaginative people to apply--the more experimental their idea, the better! Share thegardengrant.org on social media and namedrop us in casual conversations. If you're an arts organization who wants to partner, say hello! if you're a non-arts organization who wants to connect, say hi! If you're an individual who simply wants to do something worthwhile...well, you know what to do. We are always interested in conversations about unexpected and compelling ways we can work together to expand artist access to resources, so we look forward to hearing from you.

8. I have a question you haven't answered here.